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  • Your new puppy means everything to us and this is what separates us from everyone else!

  • We can help you find your new puppy as soon as today!

  • However it’s so important that your new best friend is coming from a responsible private or usda breeder or licensed facility.

  • We don't like to consider ourselves as a typical pet store here on Long Island, but rather helps consumers get puppies from hand picked breeders and puppies which helps us to find & connect you with your new forever home fur baby.

  • We've helped many consumers find puppies through our network of top 5 Star Breeders & Network of multiple registered pet handlers & licensed facilities found here locally & nationwide. 

  • We pride ourselves with many years helping consumers and celebrities find the most healthy, happy & cutest puppies. see for yourself by checking out our video testimonials and 5 year free vet services.

  • We help find a wide range of variety  with many different puppy breeds & sizes including: teacups, toys, small, medium, large & mastiff size puppies.

  • We also connect our customers with the best purebred & mixed designer breed puppies matching each families needs. For families that have allergies to dogs we even have puppies that have hair opposed to fur that are known to be the best non-shedding & hypoallergenic breeds.

  • We believe in the no puppy mill guarantee & insure that the puppies in our network are always kept to the highest standards and even in some cases exceeding state standards always being put first and in the proper environment with the best family care & love for all the new fur babies.

  • Puppies from our network include 1 month to 5 years free vet service, 6 month congenital guarantee, vet checked and are registered or registerable with  ACA, ICA, AKC, APRI or other top registries.

  • Each private hobby breeder,  usda licensed breeder or licensed pet handler are responsible and come with up to date shots, dewormings, parasite preventatives and microchip.

  • We believe that we are the best at what we do because we keep it simple. We connect the best & healthiest puppies from the best breeders and registered pet facilities with all of our customers.

  • We are here to help 7 days a week from early hours of the day to late hours in the evening and will help you find your new puppy.

  • We serve Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island, NY, NYC, NJ, CT and the United States.

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